StreetSmart is a provider of real world self protection and combative training to Civilians, Law Enforcement, Military and Security.


Our Mission

To enable you to protect yourself and others, with maximum effectiveness, minimal training time and minimal maintenance.

Our Mission

The StreetSmart Solutions course is a real world based defence solution that provides intensive training on practical self-defence and street survival. These courses are not exclusively for military, police and security, but for everyone, man and woman and from the average home.

We provide bespoke course and will cover among other subjects conflict management, weapon defence, multiple opponent defence and situational awareness, firearms and knife use. Our StreetSmart courses focus on technique and combine body mechanics, useable under the most extreme circumstances to create solutions that can be used by anyone regardless of size, male or female.

Utilizing the most effective plans and tactics, proven to be effective in the real world and including some principles and techniques form a variety or martial arts and combat systems, we enable you to focus only on the most effective means to defend yourself and protect others. It is quick to learn, easy to retain and it works! Just ask our instructors and students who go into harm's way every day and have real world experience in a variety of hostile and high risk environments.

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